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Called to Life 
Finding healing and hope after abortion
A FREE online session at a time to suit you
Do you feel overwhelmed or laid low? Has an abortion experience affected your life? Is healing and hope possible?
Join in this confidential free online individually guided reflection at a time to suit you. This session is a reflection on the gospel of Jesus healing Peter’s mother in law. How does Jesus heal? What does Jesus heal? Can we access the process used in the gospel to address the painful effects of post-abortion stress?
The session is a one to one time best experienced by zoom, or another online platform of your choice on computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It can also be conducted by phone if you don’t have access to the above technology.
Register for this free online confidential session with complete confidence according to our privacy policy. Our privacy policy means we will never use your details to contact you at any other time without your permission (you can register with only your first name if you wish) There is no obligation and no cost.
Register at info@rachelsvineyard.org.au or call our confidential phoneline: 0400 092 555. Please give your name (first name is sufficient), email or phone contact details and we will contact you to arrange an agreed time for your online session. Just mention you are registering for Called to Life online program. 

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